I was born in Malaga on September 15, 1985 and from a very young age my father taught me to use the computer as an educational tool, since then I have been passionate about new technologies and I know why the computer works. I started using a Macintosh as the operating system and more than once I had to reinstall the system because it was system files. In high school I began to use Windows for software compatibility with school programs or classmates with videogames, but I currently use Linux as a normal operating system and I think it has been the best of all the changes I’ve made both professionally and of leisure to date.

I finished the highschool in 2003 and started my engineering studies. Industrial technician specialized in Mechanics, my choice for this career was for my passion for technology and science, and for that I obtained the award for the best academic record of Industrial Technical Engineering – Specialty in Mechanics of the 2003/06 promotion -. In this period I enrolled in other subjects of the Faculty of Education Sciences as “Communication and Group Dynamics” for the development of social skills or subjects to meet people with and to discover another face that I liked, Education. finished my second degree in Industrial Engineering on 2009. During the degree I realized that I had done that I wanted to know more about energy and I got a grant from the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC in Spain) in order to study a master’s degree in Madrid entitled “Renewable Energies, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen” at the Menéndez Pelayo International University ( UIMP). At the same time, I began to know the world of education more in depth by studying an online master’s degree on “New Technologies Applied to Education” and the Pedagogical Aptitude Course (CAP in Spain) where I discovered that I liked to teach.

In 2012-13, I obtained the “Talent grant” given by the Junta de Andalucía to carry out an online video annotations project at Harvard University.

I obtained my first PhD in 2013 at the University of Malaga in the Fluidomechanical Engineering department entitled “Numerical and experimental study of the hydrodynamic efficiency of a tidal energy extraction system and its effect on the re-suspension of sea bed sediments” and at the same time I attended the seminars of a PhD program in the Faculty of Educational Sciences entitled “PhD of research and educational innovation”. As I did not want to depend economically on my parents, I started to learn the management and maintenance of the servers, and some programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, CSS, Ubuntu Bash and I accept how many sporadic jobs.

Currently I have the set-up, operation and maintenance of the servers of the GTEA and ENCIC research groups and the tools already discussed. I am a member of the Research Group ENCIC of the Faculty of Education of Malaga and work to improve the learning of science and technology in education. We have created several tools for education such as: CoAnnotation that allows to annotate and analyze videos sharing sequences and annotations; CoRubric, assessment of the learning process (peer-assessment, groups, self-assessment …) and by competences; Webquest for the creation of educational materials in WQ format and MyAlertWeb to receive emails with changes to the content of your favorite websites.

I finished my second PhD in Education at the Faculty of Education of Malaga “Design of instruments to measure usability, satisfaction and technical aspects on the Web tools for educational evaluation” in July 2015. As a product of this test, has created an instrument called SUSE (Satisfaction and Usability of Educational Software) to measure the usability and satisfaction of educational web tools.

Music is one of the hobbies that I like the most and thanks to my piano studies up to the middle level at the conservatory, I can help myself by playing today. He have been singing in the orfeón of the University of Málaga and currently belong to the choir of the Opera of Málaga developing his voice as an instrument. Nature is another of the leisure activities that I like the most with the same idea as leaving daily reality.